Development Framework Representations

Development Framework Representations

Many landowners and developers do not take into consideration the plan making process and this process offers the potential to significantly increase the value of land if an alternative land use allocation can be achieved. Due to the nature of the planning system, Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s) have to review their land periodically to ensure that they have sufficient allocations for new housing and employment etc. In some cases LPA’s have yet to identify sufficient land for development providing opportunities to land owners.

Benson Planning Studio specialises in providing planning advice to landowners and helping to identify land with good development potential. In particular we are able to assist with promoting land through the Local Plan process in order to maximise estate value.

Many Local Authorities are not meeting current targets for residential developments with many falling well below their allocations. With this in mind, subject to planning permission, Councils may be more minded to allow such schemes.

We can assist with arranging and coordinating landowner groups, facilitating the negotiation of option/promotion agreements and providing access to developers and investors.

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