Third Party Representations

Third Party Representations

An important part of the planning system is the requirement for neighbour and community consultation. This provides anyone affected by proposals to have their say and make comments on an application.

It is possible to support or object to proposed development and this can impact on the decision of the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

For example, you may be a neighbour who is concerned about new development being proposed next door and how this might impact on your privacy, loss of light, loss of outlook from a window or the character of the local area/setting of your property.

Furthermore, you may be a member of a local community group who is concerned over new development proposals which may affect your village or town. In such circumstances, Benson Planning Studio can provide professional advice to represent your interests and those of the community.

Benson Planning Studio can make representations to the Local Planning Authority on your behalf. We are also able to attend Committee Meetings and present to local Members on your behalf.

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